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670 Targa Outboard

670 Outboard

725 Outboard

770 Inboard

770 Outboard

825 Inboard

825 Outboard

870 Inboard

870 Outboard

970 Inboard

925 Inboard

40 Inboard

All of our boats can come fully game rigged, complete with built in aluminium tuna tubes, live well tank, pumps, carbon fibre outriggers and stainless bases.

We can tailor your boat's finish to suit your needs from bare alloy or vinyl wrap to full faired high gloss paint with a quality of finish that you would expect on a super yacht. 

 All of our boats have large long range fuel tanks allowing multiple days at sea without the need to refuel.

"Each Makaira boat can be designed for your individual needs."

 Makaira Boats

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